We have participants from 29 teams in this weekend’s workshops.

118 – Robonauts
125 – Neutrons
148 – RoboWranglers
254 – The Cheesy Poofs
503 – Frog Force
694 – StuyPulse
701 – RoboVikes
846 – The FunkyMonkeys
900 – Zebracorns
971 – Spartan Robotics
1114 – Simbotics
1241 – THEORY6
1403 – Cougar Robotics
1481 – The Riveters
1678 – Citrus Circuits
1868 – Space Cookies
1902 – Exploding Bacon
1967 – The Janksters
2056 – OP Robotics
2073 – EagleForce Robotics
2135 Presentation Invasion
2265 – Fe Maidens
2412 – Robototes
3132 – Thunder Down Under
3250 – Kennedy Robotics
3476 – Code Orange
4575 – The Tin Mints
5458 – Digital Minds
7667 – Otterbots


Alessandra “Alice” V. is co-captain of team 1403 and specializes in mechanical knowledge. Aside from coordinating Team 1403’s activities, she pitched and helped develop the team’s Women in STEM freshman orientation and its Women’s Technical Nights workshop. When she’s not doing A.I. research or designing an app, you can find her informally mentoring any 1403 member within hearing distance.

Alex B. is a junior on team 701 The RoboVikes. He is the current design committee head and previously worked in the mechanical committee.

Alex Y. is the current software director on team 254 Cheesy Poofs. He is a high school junior and the 2021 season will be his 3rd season in FRC.

Alexis Udowychenko is a junior on 4-H Exploding Bacon team 1902 out of Orlando Florida. She joined the team in eighth grade. She has been an active member of both the mechanical and electrical sub teams since she joined the team. For the 2020 season she was chosen as human player and a robot project manager utilizing her mechanical, electrical, and business skills. She is also the current elected Secretary for the team. Alexis has made an impact through outreach with Exploding Bacon. She has been the FIRSTLikeAGirl Lead since 2019, the Summer Camp Lead for 2018 & 2019 and the current Sponsor Relations Lead. In addition, she is a presenter for the Big Bacon Theory of Image and Marketing both at the World Championship and for numerous virtual presentations. She has also logged over 200 volunteer hours at various events such as Otronicon, Maker Faire, DreamFlight, and FLL competitions. 

Andrew Y. is a third year member of team 1678 and specializes in hardware electrical.

Anna Shaposhnik is a past co-president, 3D animator, and graphic designer for team 846 The Funky Monkeys in San Jose. She is passionate about revolutionizing the aesthetics of technology and volunteers doing event branding for multiple FRC on and off-season events. Anna is currently a freshman at the USC Iovine Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation and feelances doing logo and identity design. Check her work out on instagram @sheepianna1. Her favorite fruit is the mango (yum!)

Anthony Diaz-Vigil is a mechanical mentor who joined team 1678 Citrus Circuits as a student in 2010 and came back as a mentor in 2012 after graduation. He received a bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University

Apurva M. is a fourth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits and specializes in robot programming. He is also this year’s Fall Workshops Coordinator.

Austin Haddox is a strategy and mechanical mentor for team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He is an alumni of team 2085 RoboDogs and works as a data analyst for an insurance company.

Bill Kendall is a lead mentor for team 2073 EagleForce. He has been mentoring in FIRST for 17 years and was the Woodie Flowers Finalist in 2018 at the Sacramento Regional.

Cailin L. is a senior and the Team Captain for team 1967 The Janksters. She is excited to learn about other all girl teams and getting to know them better.

Cassandra “Cassie” S. is the captain of team 4575 The Tin Mints. She has participated in FIRST for 6 years. She is also the driver and a Chairman’s presenter for her team. Last year she was the event manager of Robotstock, an event that introduced over 4,000 people to FIRST. She has mentored numerous FIRST LEGO League teams, many of them being all-girls teams. Outside of robotics she is involved in Girl Scouts and Civil Air Patrol.

Christopher O, founder of Napa County Robotics and team 7667 OtterBots, was the Team Captain in 2019. He led his rookie team to being recognized with the Rookie All-Star at Silicon Valley Regional, and Quality Award including the Highest Rookie Seed at Monterey Bay Regional. Christopher was nominated for Dean’s List in 2019 and 2020 and chosen as a Finalist both years. He graduated high-school a year early and continues to support the OtterBots as a student mentor. 

Devin Castellucci is a hardware mentor for team 1678 Citrus Circuits and also mentors team 5458 Digital Minds. He works as an engineering technician building robots at NovaSource.

Elizabeth “Liz” J. is a sixteen year old that lives in New York. She is one of the three Marketing Veterans in her school’s all-girls robotics team, team 2265 FeMaidens. Her role in the team is to contact prospective sponsors, apply and write for awards and grants, and take photos of the team. She is a German folk song enthusiast and loves to hang out with her dog, Champ, during her free time. 

Ellie K. is a third year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits and specializes in Software Scouting. She is the Davis Youth Robotics Summer Camps lead and worked to successfully transition Citrus Circuits’ RoboCamps to a virtual platform. 

Eric Kline has worked with team 2412 Robototes since 2014, and now serves as Alumni Relations Mentor.  He has previously been Scouting Lead, Business Lead, and Team Captain.  His areas of expertise include sales, scouting management, He is currently studying supply chain management at the Honors College at Boise State.

Ethan T. is a fourth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He is the Software Scouting lead and specializes in back end development for the scouting app. He has been a main contributor to 1678’s predictions for the past three years, and a member of the strategy subteam since 2017.

Gabi S. is a fourth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits. She is the business and media lead and also the vice-captain of the team, as well as being a Dean’s list semi-finalist at the Sacramento Regional.

Gurvir K. is the programmer director and a senior member on team 2073 EagleForce. He’s worked on a variety of software for the team’s robot including the shooter and turret. Currently, he is exploring state space control with members of the programming team and assisting with the Scouting App backend. He has worked with organizations like Snap the Gap and EagleForce’s summer camp to propel STEM outreach in the community.

Juliana S. is a junior on team 1481 The Riveters and specializes in programming and electrical. Her favorite part of robotics is meeting people on different teams.

Kate U. is a fourth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits. She specializes in back-end development for Software Scouting and leads the strategy subteam. She has been a strategist at competitions since her sophomore year of high school. 

Kevin R. is a second year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He specializes as a back-end developer in Software Scouting.

Leti Olivier, Administrative Mentor & Parent, is the Executive Director for the St. Helena Historical Society and Business Partner of TEM Performance Machine Shop alongside her husband, Rich Olivier who serves as team 7667 OtterBots’ Mechanical Mentor. Leti joined in to support the team during their student registration process.

Livy T. is a fifth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits and specializes in hardware electrical. She is the current team captain and robot driver, and previously led the Chairman’s team.

Logan W. is a freshman and in his 2nd year on team 2073 EagleForce Robotics. He is a developer for 2073 Scouting Software, organizing data, and has worked on coding some of the robot functions. He is able to code in Python (Data manipulation) and some Java, and is also part of the Business Team.

Lucien Junkin is the lead mentor of team 118 Robonauts and the 2020 Woody Flowers Award winner at the Houston Championship.  He is also the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) Chief Engineer at NASA.

Lydia is a senior on team 1481 The Riveters and is the team’s Mechanical Lead.

Mackenzie T. is Mechanical Director of team 2073 EagleForce Robotics. This is her 3rd year on the team.

Matthew B. is the programming manager of Team 2073. He has been on team 2073 for around 3 and a half years. He mainly specializes in programming but also works on electrical and some mechanical work.

Mausam Patel is a 4th year Honours Bsc Biology and Chemistry double major, with a neuroscience minor, expecting to graduate in 2021 from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. She has been an active member in her universities Science Undergraduate Research and Outreach society, and pre-medical society. When she’s not in school, she works at the National Disability Credit Alliance to aid Canadians with disabilities in applying for the government funding and support they are entitled to. Mausam has been an active member in the FRC community for the last 8 years. As a student member of team 1325: Inverse Paradox from 2013-2016 and team 1241: THEORY6 for 2016-17, she has worked on countless business endeavours, outreach initiatives and programs and awards submissions. As a mentor on team 1241 over the last 4 seasons, she has acted as the lead outreach mentor and co-lead for the awards team. Mausam has worked on the initial development and growth of several THEORY6 Outreach programs including the New-to-Country program, and Girls in STEM Olympics. She has also worked on their revival of the Canadian Library Program and THEORY6’s international Beyond Borders Initiative. Mausam volunteers at their yearly FLL tournaments since 2016 and has planned/executed over 60 community showcases, demonstrations and presentations over the last 8 years. 

Maya S. is a junior on team 701 the RoboVikes and is the head of the Manufacturing Branch on their team.

Mel Blake was a founding student member of Team 3132 Thunder Down Under when the team was formed in 2009. Initially part of the mechanical subteam, she became a mentor during the Ultimate Ascent season in 2013 and since then has mentored the mechanical, electrical and outreach subteams. Mel is heavily involved in volunteering with the FIRST Progression of Programs. She is the Head Judge for FLL and FTC in Australia, and received the Volunteer of the Year Award at the Southern Cross Regional in 2019. Mel graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) in 2015, and since leaving university has worked primarily in education. From 2016-2018 she was the coordinator of Macquarie University’s LEAP Robotics program which involved 4 FRC, 4 FTC and 30+ FLL teams from schools across Sydney. Currently she works as a high school engineering and mathematics teacher. 

Mike Corsetto is the lead technical mentor for team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He’s an alumni of team 114 Eaglestrike and designs and builds solar panels at NovaSource. He received the Woodie Flower’s Finalist Award in 2016.

Mohamed E. is a fourth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He is the current  Software Robot lead and a former Davis Youth Robotics League coordinator. 

Nathan M. is a fourth year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits and specializes in mechanical design. This is his second year as the mechanical design lead and third year as an operator of the robot.

Navid Kashem is an alumnus and mentor of team 694 StuyPulse in New York. He is in his second year of studying mechanical engineering and physics at Columbia University.

Nidhi M. is a senior in high school. She is one of the co-captains of team 1403 Cougar Robotics. Last year, she had a managerial role of Assistant Logistics Manager. Here, she led the organization of Chairman’s (Essay, Presentation, and Binder) while looking over the 4 logistics subteams of team 1403. Outside of robotics, she has participated in an Entrepreneurship and Data Science Internship, winning an Idea Pitch competition. She hopes to use her experiences in the past in continuing to lead the team this year, and in her future endeavors.  

Saikiran Ramanan is Drive Coach & Scouting/Strategy Mentor on team 3476 Code Orange. He is an Electrical Engineer at Northrop Grumman, with 10 years in FRC teaching students how to build web based scouting apps using PHP and Javascript

Sakshi A. is a senior on team 1868 Space Cookies, and is on the Business and Outreach subteam.  Something she’s excited about: Getting to meet new people from all-girls teams around the country!

Shoshanah “Shosh” Cohen is the Lead Mentor for team 1868 Space Cookies. She focuses on the more mechanical side of robotics; she is a professor of Engineering at Stanford University and Director of Community Engaged Learning for Engineering.

Shweta Arun is a junior from team 2135 Presentation Invasion in San Jose, California. She is a lead on the mechanical design subteam, and this is her third year doing FRC. 

Tanner Wells is an alumni of team 2073 EagleForce, class of 2020.

Wes Hardaker is a software robot mentor for team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He works as a computer scientist at the University of Southern California and has over 30 years of experience in computer science and programming. He graduated from UC Davis with a Master in Electrical Engineering.

Zach H. is a third year member of team 1678 Citrus Circuits and specializes in mechanical design. He is also the Davis Youth Robotics league coordinator. Human player

Zatara N. is a fourth year member in team 1678 Citrus Circuits. He is the lead of the hardware fabrication subteam, and he specializes in mechanical design and fabrication.