Capital City Classic

Capital City Classic is an off-season FIRST Robotics tournament hosted by Team 2073 EagleForce, Team 1678 Citrus Circuits and Team 3859 Wolfpack Robotics. Since the inaugural event the tournament has steadily grown every year:

2014: Inaugural event held with 15 teams. Founded by Team 2073 EagleForce and Team 3859 Wolfpack Robotics, teams from the surrounding area participated in this friendly competition. Details on this inaugural event can be found at The Blue Alliance page for this competition.

2015: Team 1678 Citrus Circuits joins the Capital City Classic alliance and brings eight workshops to the tournament. Our mission expands to enhance the skills of the teams attending the competition.

2017: With 35 teams in attendance, the tournament continues to grow and create an memorable competition with even more workshops.

2019: The tournament attracted over 50 teams with a capacity of 45 teams, resulting in a waitlist. The organizing committee opened the educational sessions to everyone and encouraged any teams on the waitlist to attend the event and take advantage of the fourteen workshops organized by Team 1678 Citrus Circuits.

2020: The tournament goes 100% virtual due to the pandemic circumstances and will be available for teams all over the world to attend!